Hi everyone, this is Pete Jaskulski.

Last week I taught two 2.5 day classes for the Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CHELCO) in Defuniak Springs, Florida. Each session was attended by CHELCO employees from the following disciplines; customer service, engineering, accounting, administration, and others that worked in the field (the guys and gals in the trucks).

The employees from CHELCO are contact professionals that interact with their customers in a variety of ways to include the following: requesting easements, billing issues and the disruption of power just to name a few. Some of their interactions, such as disrupting someone’s power could be problematic so we stressed the importance of tactical communication skills such as the Universal Greeting, Persuasion Sequence and Deflectors.

The students participated in the exercises with enthusiasm and the willingness to learn the skills. I learned a lot from the class and they shared a lot, both good experiences and bad experiences. In the end they demonstrated their tactical communication skills with enthusiasm and skill. Finally, I want to extend my thanks to the CHELCO staff for their hospitality. I had a great time.

Pete Jaskulski, Verbal Defense & Influence consultant

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