Hello, this is Tony Pinelle, Master Instructor/Senior Consultant, Verbal Defense and Influence.

I just returned from presenting a one day basic Verbal Defense and Influence course in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. I presented to a wonderful group from the City of Aspen Transportation and Parking Enforcement Department. I was amazed that their perception was that they were “most hated” even more than the police! A perception I found very hard to believe after spending the day with them. They were a very compassionate group. They realized the consequences and hardships caused for many when their vehicles are ticketed or towed.
Responding to verbal abuse was a major topic. They, like all enforcement personnel get a clear message from a lot of their contacts that they (the contact) are entitled to park where-ever and for however long they wish. Deflecting verbal abuse and resistance and non-escalation of situations would be a key objective for them in the future. Language/word choice was stressed. Instead of saying, “You parked your car illegally” it might be better to say, “The car is parked illegally”. Instead of saying, “You have not paid your parking tickets” it might be better to say, “Parking tickets issued on this car have not been paid.” Using language with an unbiased tone will help them non-escalate situations.
Overall, the group felt confident that they could apply Verbal Defense & Influence at home and at work. They will be safer while performing a very difficult job!


If Verbal Defense & Influence can work for the “most hated” people in law enforcement, just imagine what it can do for you! What kinds of verbal abuse do you hear at work? What deflection tactics usually work to counter them?


Tony Pinelle, Master Instructor/Senior Consultant


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