Hello all, Mike Delvaux here in Milwaukee in the midst of a Verbal Defense & Influence instructor class.

There are individuals here from many disciplines coming together this week and discovering just how universal the need is for being able to communicate under stressful conditions. We have law enforcement officers including a chief of police, corrections personnel from adult and juvenile systems, DNR personnel, teachers, security personnel, and even a doctor and an insurance agent. Each brings their own perspective to the class and it is interesting to see how they are helping each other learn how to generate voluntary compliance, cooperation or collaboration from the difficult people they deal with in their respective fields.

So far they really seem to have appreciated learning about the 5 Universal Truths of human interaction, how to use the Universal Greeting to set the tone for an encounter and how to deflect verbal abuse. This is a great group with a lot of enthusiasm and I am looking forward to seeing them continue to develop into VDI instructors together.

Mike Delvaux
Verbal Defense & Influence Consultant

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