This is Gary Klugiewicz.

This morning I was getting a cup of coffee and pastry at a local coffee shop with a friend when I witnessed an amazing example of a Starbuck’s employee raising the “happiness index” of the whole store. This middle age woman greeted us with a smile and warm welcome. She wished us a happy Father’s Day and this bright and warm Sunday morning. She said that she was going to warm up our pastries in honor of our day.

Before long we and the rest of the customers were smiling, much happier, and looking forward to a great day. Customers were smiling at each other, opening the doors for each other, and wishing each other a great day. What an example of the power of a smile and a kind word.

We often speak of “customer service” but what she did was provide a “service to her customers” that I am sure impacted these customers whole day. These people, no doubt, faced the world and impacted their world in a much more positive matter due to this woman’s positive attitude and actions. What a great way to pay it forward.

Please consider raising your own and other “happiness index” today?

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