Hello, this is Mark Gotsch with Verbal Defense & Influence.

We see many examples of people behaving poorly on video and You Tube, and unfortunately, especially law enforcement officers. The thought is if you present an opportunity for an officer to contact you, assume the officer will perform contrary to law and video the contact, you will have a winning You Tube video, especially if you are belligerent.

In this example, however, the person trying to catch an officer violating his rights and acting poorly must be Using the Five Maxims makes a contact quick, easy, and fosters cooperationdisappointed. This guy showed how to do conflict resolution right!

Prepared for anything

This video was recorded by a young man who apparently decided to confront an officer on the Second Amendment by carrying an MP5 on a sling in open view in Washington State. He clearly wanted to instruct the officer on the Second Amendment. He doesn’t, however, understand what a “reasonable inference” is.

As you watch the video consider how the officer showed respect (with authority) to the contact as well as clearly explained the law, why he was there, and what he was going to do. Once he inspected the weapon he specifically “released” the contact and remained for a conversation. He even thanked and praised the contact for his support of the Constitution and cooperation.

Blueprint for success

The officer, perhaps without knowing, followed the Verbal Defense and Influence 5 Maxims of:

  • Treat with dignity and show respect
  • Ask – Don’t tell (Until it became time to nicely make a lawful order)
  • Explain why – Set context
  • Offer options, not threats
  • Give a second chance

A wonderful example of how using the Maxims makes a contact quick, easy, and fosters cooperation and even may turn a person who is looking for a “fight” into an ally.

Let us know what you think of this interaction. Did the officer look good no matter how the situation would have ended up?

Mark Gotsch, Verbal Defense and Influence Consultant


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