Hello, this is Mark Gotsch with a real-world example of how poor communication can destroy your interactions and your credibility.

The Phoenix Police Department recently started a program testing a video system which is worn by an officer and records video and audio of what the officer sees and does. Unfortunately, this system recorded an officer contacting people on a call for service and showing a type of communication that we at Vistelar believe is the type that will elicit no cooperation and possibly lead to violence.

Gary Klugiewicz mentions that we are always being videoed and we want to look good regardless of the outcome of the contact. This is an example of what Gary is talking about, even to the extent the officer knew he was being recorded. This may lead some to believe that he thought this type of communication is proper and only type that works. In fact, he has rationalized this behavior exactly that way.

As you watch the video there are some points to consider.

• Could the resistance of the persons being contacted be a reasonable reaction to the attitude of the officer?

• How prevalent is the attitude that the “force” communication option is the only one that “works” on people?

• Could following the 5 Universal Truths and a persuasion sequence be more effective?

• Did the officer “look good” to anyone watching?

• What would your reaction or thoughts be if you were being contacted and talked to in this manner?

This is a prime example of why the Verbal Defense and Influence procedures are so important in our relations with people we need to contact and elicit cooperation.

Be warned, the video contains language that may offend some.

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So how do you think this officer did in his interactions? Did he end up looking good or generate any compliance by acting the way he did?

Mark Gotsch, Verbal Defense & Influence Consultant

Vistelar Group –