Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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About Us

Verbal Defense & Influence is a methodology for controlling, resolving and even preventing conflict from occurring in any professional or personal environment.

Structured around the Five Maxims of Human Interaction, the approach taken by Verbal Defense & Influence is to recognize and address the underlying factors that lead to conflict – instead of simply attempting to deal with the situation after it has already become a problem.

Verbal Defense & Influence uses Performance-Driven Instruction™, a unique approach to training that emphasizes student interaction, real-world simulations, skill practice, memorable stories and physical activity. This approach, which minimizes traditional lecture, improves retention of the taught material but, more importantly, it enhances the student’s ability to effectively perform the learned skills in their work and personal lives.

The goal of Verbal Defense & Influence training is to build the knowledge, skills and desire to be a more effective communicator in the midst of stress.

Verbal Defense and Influence trains organizations to use its methodologies to prevent and de-escalate verbal conflict, enhance cooperation and collaboration within a team, and improve customer service and sales. We also train individuals, including youth, how to stop verbal abuse, bullying and harassment and maintain mental and emotional safety in the midst of conflict.

Verbal Defense and Influence is a member of Vistelar Group, a global speaking and training organization. Vistelar brings together the very best experts in their given field – with a focus on the fundamentals of human interaction and their real-world application.



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