Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Interpersonal conflict is a common reality in any business — between customers and employees, between management and employees, and among employees. Such conflict damages customer relationships, decreases productivity, increases turnover, and can lead to both costly litigation and physical violence.

Although interpersonal conflict in business has always been present, research shows it is on the rise. For example:

  • Workplace bullying is more prevalent
  • More violence is associated with shoplifting stops
  • Customer anger with service issues is more frequent

In addition, sales and customer service interactions often have an undertone of conflict instead of what should be the goal — collaboration and cooperation, with the result of decreased revenues.

Therefore, minimizing conflict and preventing conflict that does occur from escalating has a positive impact on both the top line and bottom line of a business. From employee relations to asset protection, and everything in between.

To reduce conflict, your employees need to know three things: 1) How to defend themselves against verbal attacks in a way that doesn’t escalate the conflict; 2) How to effectively  intervene in hostile situations; 3) How to interact with each other in a way that creates a work environment driven by dignity and respect.

That’s the goal of the Verbal Defense and Influence programs we’ve been providing to the business market over the last 28 years, for such companies as IBM and Southwest Airlines (Click Here to see a more complete list of business clients and selected testimonials).

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