The call will begin at 7PM Central on Tuesday, May 21st 2013.

On the night of the call, there will be a YouTube video player displayed on this page. Click the play button and you will be able to see the presentation once it starts.

Watch live as Gary Klugiewicz and Tony Pinelle lead the discussion on how to use the Persuasion Sequence, or Tactical Five Step, more effectively and be able to explain the Persuasion Sequence in a way that is easy to understand and meaningful to your students.

Get ready to better understand why asking, setting context, giving options, and confirming noncompliance is the best way to persuade a difficult person in order to generate voluntary compliance, cooperation, and collaboration. We will discuss how the Persuasion Sequences meshes with the Five Universal Truths, the Three Great Arts, your Verbal Voices and the Four Appeals.

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