Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Intervening in the midst of conflict isn’t among the traditional set of skills for teachers. But things are badly broken, and the dire need for enhanced management skills is showing in poor academic performance, tepid teacher competence and waning public support of education in general.

There are interpersonal problems on many levels that must be overcome in order to create a safe and secure learning environment:

  • Escalating levels of student bullying disrupt learning and endanger safety.
  • Parent hostility creates adversarial relationships.
  • Staff disputes undercut the educational mission for the school, and for the community being served.

Educating youth comes with the responsibility of keeping them safe. It takes courage, dedication … and a specific set of skills to de-escalate confrontation and set forth a new social contract for learning.

Teachers and administrators need development in these key areas: 1) Personal power to effectively intervene, 2) Policies that set forth and support a safe school, and 3) Strategies to bully-proof students for life.

That’s the goal of the Verbal Defense and Influence programs we’ve been providing to educators for the past 28 years, for schools such as University of California and Milwaukee Public Schools (Click Here to see a more complete list of schools and selected testimonials).

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