Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Life, death, health and well-being: The dynamics of health care place an immense stress upon those who serve and are being served. This impacts the quality of care, general safety, staff turnover and reputation within your community.

Managing stressors within health care is becoming increasingly difficult:

  • Studies reveal nurses and other health care providers are disrespected so badly that the verbal abuse they endure borders on assault
  • Institutional policies don’t clearly or effectively maintain order
  • Safety must be upheld using the least invasive interventions possible.

Upholding strong standards of conduct means that everyone is functioning under a universal set of rules. This is the driving force behind an increased focus on safety: This is the venue for care to improve, morale to grow and dignity and respect to thrive.

The whole staff plays a role in creating this culture of change, based upon three points: 1) Increased professionalism when interacting with patients, 2) Thorough crisis communications training and plans, and 3) Enhanced, protection-oriented verbal skills for security staff.

That’s the goal of the Verbal Defense and Influence programs we’ve been providing to hospitals and mental health institutions for the past 28 years, for institutions such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Colorado Mental Health Institute (Click Here to see a more complete list of health care venues and selected testimonials).

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