Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Fired-up Verbal Defense & Influence trainers say:
‘Lightning has struck in Milwaukee’

November 13, 2011 Milwaukee, Wis. – A group of professional communications trainers from around the U.S. who completed an intensive training weekend say they are well prepared to apply Verbal Defense & Influence both at home and at work.

While covering changes to curriculum and teachings strategies, the weekend training also showcased the expansion of this professional methodology beyond its law enforcement roots.

“My kids will be flabbergasted,” said one participant, a detective from New York. “These Five Universal Truths are the rules of the house now.”

The Five Universal Truths are Verbal Defense & Influence ground rules for treating others with respect and dignity.

“We’re starting to bring civility back,” said Joe Whiten of Gateway Technical College, who taught a session on utilizing these tactics among educators.

Participants attended sessions on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Learning how to engage bystanders
  • Structuring positive youth interactions
  • Effective communications with persons along the autism spectrum
  • Applying these strategies for tackling societal problems such as stopping youth bullying, workplace bullying and preventing sexual violence.

The crisis communication methodology, which has driven law enforcement protocol for 28 years, has expanded its applications and revamped many teaching procedures, necessitating the need for recertification. The conference, held in Milwaukee, was one in a series of recertification workshops that will be held throughout the country.

All instructors who have been previously trained must be recertified by the end of 2012. To view the full training calendar visit . http://verbaldefenseandinfluence.com/training-calendar. To learn about next year’s conference visit http://vistelar.com/vdiconference.




            The Verbal Defense & Influence group trains corporations, government agencies and police forces in crisis communications and professional protocol. An estimated one million professionals have been trained to date in this methodology. Verbal Defense & Influence belongs to the global training organization the Vistelar Group, which is headquartered in Milwaukee.



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