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Milwaukee conflict-resolution experts come
together to CURE* the problem of disrespect
and indignity in our area’s schools

August 5, 2011, MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A diverse group of experts — including a retired captain from the Milwaukee Sheriff’s office, a university professor, a global speaker on youth leadership, a Milwaukee police officer with a masters degree in dispute resolution, and a former editor of metroparent magazine –have been working for two years on a program to address the sickness of disrespect and indignity in our schools.

They will be sharing what they’ve learned and their vision for addressing this problem in the Milwaukee area at a public forum that will held on August 18th from 7:30 to 9:00 AM at the North Shore Radisson Hotel.

Wisconsin educators, community leaders, administrators, etc, etc. etc. are encourage to attend. The forum is being hosted by the Vistelar Group (www.Vistelar.com), a local business that has coordinated this initiative from its inception.

Gary Klugiewicz, a 25-year veteran of the Milwaukee Sheriff’s office and a director of Vistelar, said, “We’ve found most schools know what to do but few know HOW to do those whats. Our focus has been on taking the tactics that have been proven to work on the streets by police all over the world and translating those tactics for use within schools.”

The goal of this forum is two-fold:

•   Have attendees leave the meeting armed with specific tactical communication tools they can use immediately to minimize disrespect and indignity in their school and their lives

•   Share a vision for what Vistelar believes is possible in the Milwaukee area through a team effort to address this devastating disease.

People seeking more information about this forum should go to vistelar.com/thecure. On this page is more detail about the purpose and agenda for the meeting and an online form to register to attend on the morning of August 18th.

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The Vistelar Group is a global speaking and training organization that brings together the very best experts in their given field, with a focus on the fundamentals of human interaction and their real-world application. One of Vistelar program’s is titled “The CURE* for disrespect and indignity within your school.”

*Civility, Understanding, Respect, Empathy



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