Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Verbal Defense & Influence believes that live events are where our speakers and trainers can have the biggest impact on organizations and individuals.

However, we know we’d severely limit the number of people we could touch, if live training was all we provided. Therefore, we’ve converted some of our training programs into products that can be reviewed at work, home or in the car.  Visit our store today!

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We are constantly working to develop new information about effective verbal interactions that’s based on our 25+ years of real-world experience in business, the military, law enforcement, education, and healthcare — and working with thousands of individuals.

One form of this information is our Free Tips program – which we are adding to all of the time.

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Beyond our live and online training programs, we offer various additional opportunities to learn from our community of Verbal Defense and Influence experts.  Every month, we update our online membership sites with great new content to help you become  a better communicator.  To find out more information visit our member’s home.



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