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In 2009, Verbal Defense & Influence formed Manage Bullying to focus on the devastating problem of youth bullying. Below are the products that are currently being sold on the Manage Bullying website. Just click on a link to learn more (a new window will open and you will taken to the specific product page at www.ManageBullying.com).

  • Manage Bullying – Youth Educator Program — Over five hours of video on 6 DVDs and a 150 page manual provides comprehensive instruction on how to teach the principles of Manage Bullying to kids. This course is a valuable resource for any youth educator.
  • Manage Bullying — Answers For Parents — An 11-module video training program — with over an hour of video and a comprehensive manual — that teaches parents HOW to empower their kids to bully-proof themselves and effectively intervene if their child is bullied. This is our core anti-bullying program.
  • Manage Bullying — Answers For Autism-Spectrum Families — Includes the complete Answers for Parents program — plus a 2-module video training program that specifically targets the issues most relevant to families with a child within the autism spectrum. Joel Lashley, a public health expert and father of a young man with autism, teaches this add-on to our core program.
  • Peace Stories – For Home and Work – The power of stories comes from the long-lasting impact they have on us. Everyone has their share of war stories and to make training more successful, people need to hear these examples of situations where a person’s behavior or use of words resulted in peaceful outcomes. These peace-story videos were recorded in 2010 and each DVD has 22 of the best.
  • Online Family Community – A membership program that provides ongoing training and education to parents and their children via a members-only website and monthly teleseminars. Manage Bullying is a contributor to this community along with other members of the Vistelar Group.


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