Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Stories included in the Police DVD


  1. Peace Stories Defined
  2. Introducing Police Stories
  3. The First Day on the Job
  4. The ATV Stop
  5. The Chief Should Have Said …
  6. Notebook and the Pen
  7. Son Possessed by Demons
  8. Paper and Phone
  9. Credibility and the L.A. Detective
  10. Closure Talk
  11. Sucking Teeth
  12. RE-spect at the L.A. Jail
  13. Now I Can Retire!
  14. Card & Hat Peace Story


  1. The Power of Peace Language
  2. Why Are We Hated Most?
  3. Tactical Meet and Greet
  4. Explaining SAFER
  5. BLINK and the 8-Step
  6. Professional Interaction: Why?
  7. The Rattlesnake and the Cobra
  8. Tactical Civility




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