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Learn Tactical Maneuvering from the
President of Resolution Group International

Jack Hoban, a training partner of Verbal Defense & Influence, is the president of a global training organization focused on ethics and cross-cultural conflict resolution skills. Jack’s background includes serving as a U.S. Marine Corps officer and Subject Manner Expert (SME) for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.. He was a 17-year associate of Robert L. Humphrey (a noted conflict resolution specialist and author of Values for a New Millennium) and is a master instructor of Japanese martial arts.

Resolution Group International and Verbal Defense & Influence have partnered to develop and offer a Conflict Resolution Course that provides Level 1 certification in resolving physical, verbal and cross-cultural conflict. The principles of Verbal Defense & Influence are a key component of this course.

The methodology taught in this course has been validated by the US Marines and law enforcement personnel nationwide.

One component of this course is training in Jack Hoban’s Tactical Maneuver Concepts, which Jack teaches as a natural precursor to any defense-tactics technique.

Tactical Maneuvering augments common combative techniques with emotional and maneuver elements for surviving a physical conflict — and is modeled after a “5 Element” format:

  • Earth Attitude – Hold your ground with confidence.
  • Water Attitude – Tactically reposition to stay safe and respond.
  • Fire Attitude – Collapse the tactical space with commitment and controlled aggression.
  • Wind Attitude – Avoid the attack through evasion and maneuver.
  • Void – Disrupt the attack using deception, confusion and distraction.

Tactical Maneuvering ensures that your emotions and movement are “synced” in a conflict situation. This coordination of mind and body results in more effectiveness in using common defense tactics in real-world situations.

This 40 minute DVD includes instruction and demonstration of these Tactical Maneuver Concepts and an introduction to Jack Hoban’s Ethical Protector philosophy — the focus on his widely-read Ethical Warrior column featured on PoliceOne.com and other publications across the globe.

The regular price for just the DVD is $27. However, due to Verbal Defense & Influence’s association with Resolution Group International, you’ll also receive the following FREE bonuses:

To get this DVD, just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a secure online order form. Once your order is processed, the DVD will be shipped to you within a couple of business days — and you’ll get a link by email to the free bonuses.

As with all of our programs there’s a 90-day no-hassle, no-questions-asked guarantee. So there is really no risk in purchasing this program. You either think the course is valuable or you get your money back — it’s that simple.

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