Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Gary Klugiewicz

Gary Klugiewicz, a Director of the Vistelar Group, focuses his energies primarily on Verbal Defense & Influence.

Gary is an internationally known verbal and defensive tactics instructor for such programs as:

  • Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Certification
  • Use of Force Manager
  • Team Tactics for SWAT. CERT, and Crowd Management Teams
  • Active Countermeasures System of Unarmed Blocking and Striking Techniques

Gary is a gifted trainer who understands the needs of adult learners. His Interactive Performance-Based Instruction methodology encompasses sub-skill development, guided discovery, decision making simulation scenarios, videotaping to capture student performance, and positive group debriefing techniques.

Beyond training, Gary consults on workplace challenges for police, corrections, military, security, mental health and health care organizations. He is also often called upon to defend police officers in righteous use-of-force cases as an expert witness.

Gary’s background includes 25 years with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, 5 years as a Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar Instructor, national champion fighter in Knockdown Karate, Team One Network member, advisor to Force Science Research Center and Killology Research Group, and subject matter expert and program developer for PoliceOne.com

Gary is widely published in law enforcement periodicals and online publications.

To learn more about Gary, see a list of his past clients, and read testimonials about his work, visit his personal website at: GKlugiewicz.Vistelar.com



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