Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress


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Leadership Training

This three-day course is for anyone in police, corrections or private security who is responsible for supervising others. The course concentrates on how to motivate, discipline and lead from the “Inside Up” with the goal of supervising the way most of us wish that we were supervised. It also deals with how to use Verbal Defense & Influence up and down the chain of command.

Day 1: Verbal Defense & Influence Overview

In this section we teach the core principles of Verbal Defense & Influence with a focus on Professionalism and Tactical Theory. Students learn how to communicate from the receiver’s point of view and the three “Street Truths.”

Day 2: How to Manage the Self

In this section we teach how a good leader must have ETHOS (Ethical Appeal), PATHOS (the ability to influence people’s feelings), and LOGOS (the ability to give solid reasons for action). We also discuss how a good leader must know his unique way of processing information so he can vary it as he encounters people different from him/herself.

During Day 2 each student fills out a Personal Profile and learns how to flex his communication style as needed to be maximally persuasive with others. Class discussion and participation is vigorous in this section.

Day 3: Supervision — “Super Eye Sight”

In this section we teach how to:

Direct rather than control
Motivate others by raising their expectations
Use the language of reassurance and praise
Use the Langauge of discipline or punishment

We also teaches several tactics that help supervisors think their way through difficult questions of command.



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