Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress



Verbal Defense & Influence is a program of Vistelar, an organization that addresses the entire spectrum of human conflict – to learn more about Vistelar’s full menu of offerings visit www.vistelar.com.


Our trainers at Vistelar will train your staff directly at your agency. Or, you can send your staff to a training session already scheduled within your area or remotely. Please see our training calendar for options. We offer end-user training and train-the-trainer (Instructor) training. Our training blocks range from 4-hour workshops all the way to four day instructor training options and even online training options. Click on the hyperlink to view or download the course objectives for each option shown below:


  • Instructor: A four day train-the-trainer class taught by Gary Klugiewicz, our training director and master trainer. This enables agencies to have their own internal Vistelar instructor that is certified to train our Verbal Defense & Influence within your agency directly to your end-users.
  • Practitioner course: We offer a 2.5 day and a 2 day practitioner course. Here, we come and train your staff end-users directly and everyone becomes Verbal Defense & Influence certified with a certificate in Verbal Defense & Influence.
  • Workshops: We offer 8-hour and 4-hour courses. Here, we come and train your staff end-users directly and everyone receives a certificate of training hours in Verbal Defense & Influence.
  • Online training: Our Online training will be available end of July. This will be an 8-hour work at your own pace online law enforcement training program.

Based on the above course objectives, agencies have four options:

  1. Send one of your trainers to one of our train-the-trainer programs and then have that trainer deliver our Verbal Defense & Influence program directly to your own end-users within your organization.
  1. Have us come out and train your end-users directly – either the practitioner course or a workshop.
  1. A combination of both. Certify one of your trainers as an instructor in the program. Then, after that, have us come out and train your staff (end-users) directly in a co-teaching format with your new Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor.
  1. Sign up for our online training.


To evaluate our program further, please use the following resources:

  • Preview our Student Workbook: This is the actual workbook that end-users use while being trained either by us directly or by one of your internal Verbal Defense & Influence instructors.
  • View or download our Brochure: This is our Verbal Defense & Influence brochure we pass out at shows.
  • Call us at 877-690-8230 and speak to us in more detail. We can also schedule a call with our training director and master trainer Gary Klugiewicz.

We can come directly to your agency as a contracted option – you buy the course and fill it. Or we have hosted options – you host a course and we work together to fill seats. Agencies also have the option to send staff to training remotely. Call and ask about special travel discounts that apply when traveling more than one hour for training to attend remotely.



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