Effective Communication in the Midst of Stress



Private security personnel are faced with stressful situations that can sometimes make effective communication difficult. Every interaction with a subject is different, and what they could do next is always unknown.

As a result, there’s a high risk of conflict.

Routine interactions with the public can cause tempers to flare, and this hazard escalates when security personnel:

  •  Respond to unknown threats
  • Articulate use of force incidents
  • Manage public complaints
  • Manage use of force
  • Supervise and manage personnel
  • Handle people under the influence
  • Detain and control violent subjects
  • Handle emotionally disturbed subjects
  • Handle people with special needs
  • Manage staff


These are just a few of the many situations where private security personnel face conflict which, if not handled well, can increase the risk of violence as well as damage the reputation of the company.

Your employees must be able to interact with customers in a non-escalatory manner, effectively manage situations that get out of hand, and justify their actions – all with the goal of protecting the company’s bottom line.

That’s why we developed Verbal Defense & Influence training programs.

Verbal Defense & Influence has been street-tested by police for 28 years, so we understand your specific challenges.

We can help develop procedures to standardize conflict response, ensure its defensibility, keep your employees safe, and prepare them to be true protectors of your reputation.


Private Security Partial Client List

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Corrections Corporations of America

Fidelity Security Group, Boston, MA

Santa Ana Star Casino, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

Wackenhut Security

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Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

AFLAC Corporate Security Department

CSC Shopping Center Security Conference

Potowatomi Bingo and Casino

Marquette University




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